California Wine Sale

10% off/15% off cases of all California wine - through the end of October.  

Every winemaker and owner I have seen interviewed has said the thing they need the most is for us all to keep buying their wine. This one is going to hurt for a long time.  

"Robert Sinskey, who operates Robert Sinskey Vineyards in Napa, has been getting the question a lot, although his property has been spared for the moment. For businesses to help the region, “The best thing would be to feature local wines and find a good charity to help vineyard and winery employees who will be most impacted. Besides property loss, most of us will lose the critical tourist [income] and smaller wineries will not be able to hit the road to sell their wares during the critical pre-holiday season. If we can continue to sell wine, we can continue to pay our employees and get back to ‘normal,’ as quickly as possible.”

Look for information on an upcoming Tasting to benefit Vineyard and winery employees...and in the meantime, let's all buy more California wine.  

- Mike & Kristian Denis, Domaine South


Kristian Denis