Cheese, Cheese, Cider

New ciders from Normandy & Cheese Delivery:

The cheese cooler is full (some interesting new arrivals from Switzerland, Scotland and the French Alps!) and we just stocked up on some really wonderful ciders from noted producers Christian Drouin & Etienne Dupont.  

Christian Drouin Cidre Bouche Brut: A delicious light fresh approachable cidre - loads of crisp apples and also rounder more rustic apples.

Etienne Dupont Cidre Bouche :  "Dupont’s Cidre Bouché Brut is supremely balanced with bold flavors that are very well-integrated. It’s one of the apple ciders that I go back to most frequently because it has a nice punch of funky apple flavors coupled with an earthy, funky complexity that makes this a highly enjoyable cidre that can both be contemplated or simply enjoyed in good company. If you’re looking to see what French Cidre is about, you can’t go wrong with this one. It sets the standard for me." -

Etienne Dupont Cidre Organic: The apples and the techniques used to make the cider are in conformity with European standards relating to organic agriculture, "Bio UE". The apples are entirely untreated. In addition, the Organic Cider is unpasteurised - as other Domaine Dupont ciders.

A string of bubbles forms and keeps on rising in the glass. The colour is coppery, slightly hazy. There is a deposit at the bottom of the bottle .
The nose is powerful and complex. Aromas of cooked apple, honey and dried fruits. On the palate, Intense and complex. Balanced between bitterness and freshness. Hints of apples, pineapple and honey. 

Etienne Dupont Cidre Triple : This is the maker’s homage to a Belgian Abbey-style Triple. It’s produced with 100% bittersweet apples. It’s fermented 3 times. The first fermentation is the apples alone, then special sugars are added to spark a second fermentation which brings the ABV up to 10%, finally the third fermentation takes place in the bottle creating the characteristic mousse.

Appearance: Light haze, honey/tawny amber

Aroma: Funky, musty, apple peel, over ripe apple, straw, caramel, fruity, almonds.

Taste: Tannic, astringent, mild acidity, mild alcohol warmth.

Kristian Denis